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Sunday, October 13. Horrorfest: A Pop Up Art Event. 5 to 9 p.m. Pomade & Tonic, 2415 Blanding Boulevard. Local artists, horror short "Kitty, Kitty" at 8 p.m., zombie costume contest and door prizes. Bring 1+ non-perishable food donation for Second Harvest. Go with the Jacksonville Horror Movie Fans Meetup Group. Click here to join the group and attend this event.

For the rest of us, to best serve our audiences, we need to go above and beyond to connect with them. In fact, when I first started speaking professionally, I was only an opening act as a comedian struggling to do a strong ten minutes of material. Now I had to be up there for an hour! What I did to overcompensate was to do anything and everything I could to connect with them. I interviewed people ahead of time, read newsletters, dove into their website, and for sure, showed up early. There is so much I could cover, but what I'd like to focus this article on is what I do when I'm on site at the conference. Last week I spoke for a transportation company, the National Safe Driver Awards Banquet. I even brought my video camera to show you exactly what I do and how I do it.

3) Atrium of the Main Jacksonville Library. The main Jacksonville library on the corner of Main and Adams Street in downtown Jacksonville has a beautiful outside garden area. In the middle is a beautiful decorative pool about 10 feet wide, and forty feet long. Although I have not been to weddings there, I have seen pictures of a wedding held there and it is beautiful, especially during the evening with lights around the entire outside area.

things to do in jacksonville fl I said when this started, the racists will come out of the woodwork. Well, they have come out and are not through yet! The attacks will undoubtedly get much worse. The Republicans have one last "stronghold" of hope. They are betting on the ignorance going to the extreme. They don't care about the outcome.

Yet the supposed "WAR HERO" and his "CRONIES" along with that disrespectful clown from Alaska are standing in city after city and "preaching" racism and "promoting" intolerance and violence against a man who has been "PROVEN" not to be that. He stood in that debate and pointed his bony finger in Obama's direction and called him "That One". He refused to shake his hand during a last respectful gesture from Obama. ignored Michelle Obama.

Neither John McCain, Cindy McCain nor the Beauty Queen Palin can even come close to being able to identify with a black person in rural dumbassville. Not even for one tiny second. They can't begin to imagine the backlash of violence they are inciting for not only Barack Obama, but for all of the black people who support him and the sane white people who support him.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider checking out homes for sale in jacksonville fl. The weather is sweet with the subtropical climate that has juicy summers and mild cozy winters. On top of that, this place is protected from the usual Florida hurricanes; something that is a novelty in the state.

jacksonville beach florida Do yourself a favor and spend the night at the beach. Many of the Hotels on Jax Beach still have rooms available for the weekend. The Holiday Inn at 15th Ave. and 1st St. North has rooms starting at $129. The Comfort Inn just next door had 50 rooms on Thursday, and just dropped their rates to $99. Quality Suites at Beach Blvd. and 1st Street is closest to where the action is, and their rooms are starting at $219, not bad when you consider all of their rooms are "Suites". Whatever you do, be safe! JBPD are some very serious people.

Friday, October 18. Woodley Special Effects Presents: Massacre in the River City. 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Atticus Bar, 325 West Forsyth Street. Immersive haunted house with movie quality props, costumes, makeup and set pieces. Vendors, costume contests, pumpkin beer, music by Rob Boggs, burlesque by Avarice Bedlam and more. 18 and up. $10. Part of proceeds go to Children's Miracle Network.

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